I love the watches

When human mechanical knowledge evolved enough to record time, especially the invention of the watch - the time to wear on the wrist, the time becomes visual, and a human touch. To this day, the human concern for the watch, has exceeded the concern for time. Precise or not is not an important indicator, watch has become a practical value of the ornaments. Each piece of the watch implied by the story, reflecting the wearer's temperament, hobbies and even worth. Omega is the general public's rolex replica; Patek Philippe is to pass to your son's; Rolex is the favorite nouveau riche; Earl often associated with jewelry; Breguet is placed in the safe waiting for the appreciation of the ... ... there TAG Heuer's sports spirit, Qi fashionable and so on. I have a habit of watches, no matter where, like to stay in the shop with the clock. My financial situation does not allow me to freely buy my favorite watch, but does not prevent my understanding of each brand. In my very limited possession of the replica rolex watches, there is a Blancpain watch (Blancpain) I am most proud of and therefore most often wear. Blancpain watch was founded in 1735, perhaps the world's oldest brand, and this is not important, many brands are self-proclaimed his age but no way to learn. Importantly, the Blancpain watch is the world's only manufacturers have not produced quartz watches. This makes me, so many people, so that Blancpain's many competitors have to admire. As we all know, Switzerland is the kingdom of watches. But in the late sixties of the last century, Seiko created the world's first quartz watch, the Swiss watch on the face of cheap Japanese watch comprehensive challenge. Many of the strength of the poor or poor eyesight of the manufacturers, have resold the machine, closed down or had to do a quartz watch. Today we have seen all the brand-name watch have fallen into the dust or at least in the seventies made a quartz watch. Only Blancpain, is the only quartz uk replica watches does not adhere to the production. Blancpain that: quartz represents only accurate, does not mean that art, does not mean that the traditional, or even does not represent the culture. Adhere to do not do quartz watch, is to maintain the traditional Swiss, Swiss national dignity and national dignity. You know, this insistence, in the business community, at the expense of the cost of sales loss profits. But Bao Po people with their deep understanding of the meaning of the watch, convinced that after the trend, people will re-understand the watch, re-reflect on their own, to regain lost things. Sure enough, since the nineties, the mechanical watch re-emergence, comeback, but Japanese manufacturers have changed to do mechanical watches. Time is eternal, people on the real cohesion of human wisdom and extraordinary process of mechanical watch love, is eternal. Today, there are still many people who cherish Swiss watch bitter, do not play like plastic plus quartz Swatch, SWISS MADE can also be marked on it? I would like to emphasize that I am not biased against the quartz watch. On the contrary, I am the first manufacturer of quartz watch Seiko company full of respect for the spirit of innovation. But the same, always adhere to do not do quartz watch Blancpain this maverick personality is also awe-inspiring, this is dialectics. The focus of the problem is that in the popular mechanical watches today, why not dare to make only one manufacturer of quartz watches and never do mechanical watches it? If there is, it is admirable. Unfortunately, Blancpain of this personality can no longer be found. We now see more is to follow suit, imitation, and even piracy. Blancpain watch there is another difference is that the circle is always only watch. Do not you see now square, barrel-shaped and even triangular watches are also popular. But Blancpain insisted that the bizarre represent the trend and fashion, only the circle can truly reflect the time cycle and infinite characteristics. Blancpain watch is indeed outstanding, I have seen a women's watch, numbered Ref.6395, in the diameter of 20.4mm, 4.9mm thickness of heaven and earth, the actually installed 215 parts. Can display the month, week, calendar, moon phase, and automatic on the chain, amazing. Blancpain Ref.6395 Blancpain this year's new products This is the reason I want to buy Blancpain watch, is to pay tribute to this unique personality. Blancpain watch is expensive, may not meet the general public's buying habits. But have it, not have a cold machinery, but has a humanistic spirit. Wearing in the hand, it will always remind me, in today's emphasis on innovation, the concept of explosion, confusion, full of Yimeier temptation of the so-called post-information age, but also to keep drunk drunk solitary attachment. ■