Harmony World Watch Center: "Independence Day" Twenty years back rivers and lakes

Harmony World Watch Center: "Independence Day" Twenty years back rivers and lakes Guess you like: tissot rolex replica watches official website (the audience 10 fold, the lowest 1950 yuan), tissot official website (the audience 10 fold, the lowest 1950 yuan), maintenance A film and its sequel to the release of nearly 20 years, this story in the end what will be wonderful? In these two years, regardless of the creator, or the audience have experienced what? Independence Day, So nostalgic IP, two years back, in 2016 by the end of June, what kind of reaction? Time, in this film story, and what kind of mission? We wait and see. In 1996, "Independence Day" release, it is not only the box-office bombs, but also by many people recognized as the 90's best action / science fiction movies. What is a good movie? IMDB on the 8 star is a good movie? Reflect the social reality is a good movie? Thinking about human nature and hospice is replica watches uk a good movie? Bent the brain turn, but the good movie? At the end can be startling Is a good movie? People can not sleep at night to speculate that the director of the means and the intention is a good movie? "Independence Day" is undoubtedly a good movie, a great success is justified, at least in despising its commercial nature and it preached the "American Savior" spirit, should carefully refer to its skilled skills. Before expressing ideas and depth, at least know how to express them. Before getting a story to greatness and depth, at least know how to speak well and tell a story. This is a film should have the basic attitude. So, in 1996, "Independence Day" to a science fiction story is very exciting, 20 years later, there are many movies are not done. Sequel has never been difficult to shoot, because Zhu Yuqian, afraid of the end of the mink. So, "Independence Day 2" how to make a comeback it? Although there is no Will Smith, but "Independence Day" in the disaster film under the premise of more modern, alien invasion to replace natural disasters, adding a lot of fun elements. At the same time it draws on the B-level film style, the bombing of the famous landmark buildings continue the trend, and the real ones will be presented on the screen. In addition it also has a chemical reaction just right of high standard all-star lineup. The second wave of intrusion is the most important driving force: in view of the vastness of space, if the rolex replica uk alien invaders in the last failure followed immediately after another wave, it is too stupid. If after a few decades? Now, it seems just the right time. So, 2016, after a lapse of twenty years, sequel is also at that time. Harmony World Watch Center: Guardian of Time Harmony, the world watches center, a guardian of the time, want to tell you, a filmmaker, with 20 years to create a perfectly reasonable IP sequel, so patience and sincerity, we will feel in the film. - Articles from the network